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Welcome to a new dystopia

A few weeks ago, I started mucking around in the studio. I needed a new outlet and sitting on the sofa binge watching Star Trek during a winter deep freeze was starting to get old.

I started playing around with the synthesizers in the studio - a Roland XV-88, a Korg M1, a Novation Bass Station, a Yamaha Motif, and a Micro Korg, in addition to the Roland V Drum kit I have behind the massive Panzer Percussion kit.

It didn't take too long for the sounds of the synths to form ideas and thematics in my head. Sorting out the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) was a new challenge, since Bob was our go-to guy for all things DAW with PROVIDENCE. I still have much to learn on it.

I ended up recording a piece called "Resurrection Machine" for my new sound art project I'm calling "neuroshock". I wanted a sci-fi feel to all of it, especially for the video to accompany the piece. The whole package ended up looking pretty good, especially from my perspective as an avid synth tinkerer, but not a skilled keyboardist by any means. I'm a drummer.

While I was feeling very creative, I realized how much depression (from a tough few years personally) and isolation (from the band during this pandemic) weighed on me over the years; depriving me of the drive to create. I was inert for so long.

I've had some very kind encouragement from so many for the work I've already done, and I'm beginning to compose my next neuroshock track.

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