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The Demon Haunted World

Sold at Winnipeg’s best music retailers

P R O V I D E N C E   at McNally Booksellers Grant Park

Find The Demon Haunted World at McNally Booksellers.  McNally has a superb collection of some out of the ordinary releases on CD and superAudio CD.  

We appreciate the fantastic support McNally Booksellers as offered to us to support our album.  


P R O V I D E N C E at Sunrise Records

One of our favourite shops for movies, music and T-shirts.  You can find The Demon Haunted World at all Winnipeg Sunrise Records locations.  Polo Park, Kildonan Place, and St. Vital Centre


P R O V I D E N C E  at Into The Music

A superb new and used record and CD store in the heart of the Exchange District in Winnipeg.  

At your local retailers: News
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