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SDR + Studio Irrenhaus

Our in-house production studio

Sonic Disruption Research (SDR)

SDR is the record label for PROVIDENCE.  

It provides artist management, logistics, and things and stuffs.  

AND, we have a ray gun for a logo.  


Studio Irrenhaus

What happens when you put three nerds into a room with a bunch of instruments and recording gear?  A prog concept album, sci-fi film discussions, countless jam sessions, and a confused cat.  

Studio Irrenhaus is where all the recording, engineering, mixing, mastering, and producing occurs for PROVIDENCE's album and music videos.  

SDR + Studio Irrenhaus

What the hell is an "Irrenhaus" anyway?  
Swiss and German readers may spot the gaffe straight away.  Irrenhaus is German for lunatic asylum.  A most appropriate name for the studio.

SDR + Studio Irrenhaus: News
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