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Ben Rüsch

Ben is the noisy guy in the band. Ben contributed song arrangements and lyrics to The Demon Haunted World.  

Along with truckloads of chips, beer, and silliness.

Ben plays Tama Starclassic Elite Bubinga drums, Gibraltar drum racks, Pearl pedals and stands, Paiste cymbals: 2002, Signature, Alpha, and Dimensions cymbals and Paiste symphonic gongs. Ben also uses a Roland TD15 kit, and the Roland Octapad SPD30.

Ben is a drummer with a multitude of musical influences and has serious addiction to synthesizers, and dark wave/ goth/ industrial electronic music.  

Ben is unusual for drummers in that he has no tattoos.  He places an umlaut in his last name to compensate.  

SDR + Studio Irrenhaus are his other creative outlet, for making the band's music videos and other media. Ben's sound art project is called "neuroshock" and he has released three tracks and videos for this new music.  



music video for "Resurrection Machine"

(c) 2021 ben rüsch



                                                              music video for "Memory Oxide"

                                                                                                    (c) 2021  ben rüsch 


n e u r o s h o c k

new  single - SUBMISSION