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Basil Ganglia

Basil is our resident alien.  Basil plays guitars, keyboards, mandolin, theremin, and is a great vocalist and a highly skilled computer programmer.

Basil uses Gibson, Fender, Ibanez, Godin, and Danelectro electric guitars, mostly through Mesa and Marshall amps.  The acoustic guitars were Yamaha, Takamine, and Strunal.  The mandolin was a Epiphone.  The synthesizers were Korg, Yamaha, Roland, and a Moog theremin.

Basil is known for his complex song arrangements and his subtle and very clever sense of humour.  

Basil is well known in the Winnipeg music scene for his contributions to numerous other bands and projects. 

Basil lives in Winnipeg.  

Basil Ganglia: Bio
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