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Formed in 1993, PROVIDENCE has existed in the Winnipeg progressive rock scene for decades.  Always low-key, but innovative and forward thinking, the trio of Ben, Bob, and Basil created a very ambitious debut album with The Demon Haunted World.  

The band was periodically seen in venues during the 1990's, at some of Winnipeg's iconic (and now gone) venues, such as Wellington's, The Portage Village Inn, and the Winnipeg Speedway, playing their original progressive rock compositions, along with some prog cover tunes in a world at the time obsessed with grunge. Soon after, the band went on an 8 year hiatus to explore other musical directions.

In the mid 2000's the band performed what was meant to be a one-off reunion show which was very well received by the audience.  The band reformed, and redoubled its efforts in the recording studio.  

The band set up a small studio and began tracking drums for the song Temporal Stasis, which would later feature on a fully realized concept album.

The album echos some of the concepts explored in Carl Sagan's book, The Demon-Haunted World: Science As A Candle In The Dark.  As work slowly progressed over the years on the album, parallel patterns of thought aligning with Sagan's writings and the album lyrics began to reveal themselves.  

As empirical and critical thinkers, and advocates of science and learning, the band enthusiastically embraced Sagan's work and paid homage to his book.  

The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Studio Irrenhaus and released in 2019 on the Sonic Disruption Research (SDR) label.

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